Artists’ Contracts

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Actor Contracts

Actor, stage performer, joker teller, actor interpreting a role, plays a character, reflects an action and implements a text, a scenario, a theme. Under the guidance of director, to make her role more credible to the viewer, he or she uses all the vocal techniques, gestures, body and breathe. If he or she make a good job, their remuneration could be reach before the coming of their name making, where the particular care must be taken in drafting the engagement of performer’s contracts.

The remuneration mentioned must separate from the operating modes planned: the remuneration for the right transferring, has to distingue from the artistic performance.

A specific contract will be completed for each performer in order to clarify the assigned role, the name of the director of the film (with the shooting dates). For this contract, the artist provides the producer the right to record or reproduce his performance by any means, for commercial or promotional purposes.

Finally, this contract is different when the diffusion is done in movies or on television. You can contact us, without hesitation to establish these contracts.

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