Banking Support

Banking Support

The entrepreneur and the banker both know that the creation or operation of a business risk is more or less important. The banker is willing to take these risks with you, but under certain conditions.

Before going to see your banker, you must have clear ideas about your project perfectly. To convince your banker that your project creation, recovery, consolidation and development of viable business must show your conviction, present a strong case, be credible and you have to prepare this decisive interview.

We offer to study the main criteria taken into account by a banker before granting a loan, overdraft facility or an authorized overdraft:

  • Consistency of your profile with your project.
  • Real potential of your project.
  • Understanding and skills in financial terms. (business plan and everything related to the treasury of your future business.)

What are the advantages to be accompanied to the bank by a us?

  • To allow you to have a structured speech for your banker.
  • To allow you to highlight elements of trading figures calculated by a professional management.
  • To allow you to be more credible and serious face the banker and get his confidence quickly.
  • To allow you to get your money faster and better conditions.
  • To allow you to be more relaxed in front of the banker.
  • Allow you to understand how the bank operates and what the bank expects of you.


Entrepreneurs, you need financing to start the business? It will go to the meeting with your banker !

You have difficulty obtaining financing ’cause banks or credit agencies ask you difficult to calculate elements: your sales forecast, cash you’ll need in the coming months, the loads of your future or the next business month, etc.

The bank, especially in these difficult times, needs to trust you to unlock funding. And only you have a hard time explaining the situation to him, to show him your good faith and motivation, to show that though you have clients or projects to come.

We accompany you to the bank and we can help you:

  • Make your estimated
  • Install a financing
  • Negotiate banking conditions
  • Develop your business plan
  • Present and defend your project


  • You’re in trouble, cash flow problems?
  • You want to invest?
  • Do you need financing?
  • You should meet with your banker?
  • Looking for a new banking partner?
  • You want to negotiate bank fees?
  • A difficult passage?
  • You want to present your action plan?

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