Building Permits

Building Permits

The building permit is an administrative act which empowers the administration to verify that a construction project complies with the planning rules in force. It is generally required for all work great importance.


A building permit is required especially when the proposed work is on an existing building:

  • have the effect of creating a floor or to hold more than 20 m² floor
  • or have the effect of creating a floor surface or hold in excess of 40 m² ground in urban areas covered by local development plan (PLU) or such document. However, between 20 and 40 square meters of floor area or footprint, a building permit is required when the extensions have the effect of increasing the total construction area beyond 170 sqm.
  • or have the effect of modifying the supporting structures or the facade of the building, where the work is accompanied by a change of destination (for example, conversion of commercial space in dwelling)
  • relate to a building or registered as historical monuments or lying in a conservation area.

With regard to new construction, they must be preceded by the issuance of a building permit, with the exception of buildings that are exempt from any formality and which must be subject to prior declaration.



The form must be completed parts, the list is limited to the instructions listed on the application for a building permit.


The application must be sent in four copies by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or filed for mayor of the municipality where the land is situated letter. Additional copies may be necessary if the work or facilities are located in a protected area (historic monument, site, nature reserve, national park…).

The mayor issues a receipt with a record number that mentions the starting point of the date on which work will start in the absence of opposition instructor service.


The period of instruction is usually:

  • 2 months for an individual and / or its annexes home
  • or three months in other cases.

An excerpt from the application for a building permit must be displayed in a hall within 8 days after the filing and remains all the time investigating the case, that is to say during the least 2 or 3 months.

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