Acquisition of Companies


The acquisition of a company is a decision to be taken seriously, not only because the costs of such an operation can be really important, but also because the level of investment required by this long term process. This operation must therefore be perfectly well thought-out and prepared, and must also come within the scope of a business strategy.

Once your decision has been taken, our firm accompanies you from then on to the effective acquisition of a third party company.

Our services include several steps.

The first one is the validation of your project and the checking of the financial means that are effectively or potentially at your disposal so you can complete it. Then we assist you in pointing out the risks induced by such an operation as well as the benefits you can retire from it.

We then help you drawing the profile of the targeted companies, in Europe or internationally, your project being a consolidation, an extension of activities or a process of diversification.

We proceed with your agreement to the confidential approach phase of the selected companies and seek to obtain the approbation of the management for your project. Lastly, we propose a whole financial and legal engineering frame to your acquisition in order to secure the transaction. Finally, we are present to pilot the negotiation and the drafting of the legal documents (including letters of intention, purchase agreements and shareholders agreements) and to control the procedure until the total completion of the acquisition.

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