Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is a real area dominated by law, facts and strategy.

We determine the legal proceedings, conservatory or execution most suitable, if in relationship and collaboration with the judicial officer or the officer whose assistance is necessary.

If the efforts to negotiate a voluntary payment is preferred, procedural or processual acts are not despised.

We consider the legal tool, not as a mean to obtain a sentence, but as a way of actual recovery.

Finally, and to meet our ambition to be a true partner in your business, we will consider in our choice of treatment of your records, the specifics of your company, both strict legal (action before be different depending on the elements of which are your records), in order to meet your own contentious philosophy, and in perfect compliance and ethics.

We are aware, at the time of our intervention, to be custodians of your image, as we are at your disposal to consider in terms tailored to your records, the manner in which you want to see us intervene.

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