Mediation is an alternative form of resolution of conflicts. The solution may not be forced. Hence, the mediator has to operate in such a way that the solution would arise in a neutral and independent context from the mediator standpoint.


Greenberg, Hornblower, Deschenaux & Partners accompanies the parties in order to settle their dispute gently and softly.

Before starting the mediation, we are collecting the parties’ point of view on the situation , we advise them without being interested in one or the other position and then, we enter the discussion without leading one party or the other to think in a particular way.

Mediation is made for private or professional clients.


  • Respect for people, their opinions and their positions, whether as the applicant or, where applicable, the personnel of the institution in question.
  • Facilitate finding amicable solutions to disputes.
  • Careful Listening, available and attentive: the mediator makes listening a duty, taking into account the specific situation of each party.
  • Impartiality in relation to the parties (applicant and institution with which the mediator operates) the mediator never moves from one side or the other.
  • The principle of contradiction: the mediator will be sure that the parties had the opportunity to express their views and be aware of all the arguments and facts put forward by one and the other.
  • Equity: beyond the applicable rule of law, it is to take into account the case-specific context.
  • Transparency: the mediator has a duty information on its role, the process and the results of its activity. He has, in particular through its annual report made public, the report also includes recommendations or general areas for improvement.
  • Confidentiality: the mediator and the parties are bound by confidentiality for personal data and information obtained during the investigation of the case.

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