Movie Shoot Permits

Movie Shoot Permits

Shooting Authorization

The shooting authorization is a precious document which is often overlooked in the preparation for the production of an audiovisual work while the entire project is likely to fall down if it is not obtained. Indeed, all natural decoration is part of a private property or in public domain. In the first case, the owner must be aware of the shooting and provide you with an authorization. In the second case, the competent authorities shall provide for the presence at your shooting and ensure that it takes place in conditions of safety for other road users, where there is a system of prior authorization.

Additionally, some buildings facades and exteriors are subject to copy right and requires the payment of royalties if they are caught.

It is important to be informed all the necessary elements before engaging. Moreover, the import of film equipment may also be subject to authorization and fees in some countries. To prepare your location upstream, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist in these efforts.

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