A patent is a title that is designed to protect a technical invention, which is in juridical words “a technical innovation envisaged as a technical solution to a technical problem”. A patent can also be granted for discoveries as well as business methods in some judicial systems. The title of industrial property permits you to impeach all third parties to use your invention.

All technologies are of course not patentable, and the invention must fulfill a certain number of conditions to be registered. Therefore, our firm proposes to assist you to determine the relevancy of a registration regarding the time and costs.

We afterwards help you in your registration applications at the national, European and international level.

We can also assist you beforehand and in particular to draft the contractual clauses regarding the property of the invention, for example in the employment contracts between your company and your employees.

If you need to have access to a third party’s technology so you can develop your own product, we accompany you in your negotiations with the company owning the patent in order to reach an agreement, for example thanks to a strategic alliance, a joint-venture or a license contract. This would allow you to exploit the patent for your own development.

Finally, if you realize that one of your competitors uses your patent and therefore takes unfair advantage of your work, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything we can to make this illegal exploitation stop and repair the damage done by this action.

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