A trademark is a sign that allows to identify your products or services and to distinguish them from those of your competitors. It is a crucial reference point for the consumers and from then on a central element in the current commercial strategies.

A trademark registration is an important moment in the life of a company. Our firm helps you in determining if it is relevant to register a trademark for your activity and if so assists you in filing the application at the national, European and international level.

  • We accompany you as well in the valuation of your trademark.
  • We can so intervene a priori by drafting for you licensing and franchising agreements.
  • The defense of your trademark is also an essential aspect.
  • We can write your opposition claims against people trying to register a trademark that is similar to yours.

Unfortunately, prevention is not always enough and a conflict can become unavoidable.
In such cases, we assist you in the judicial process.

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