General Terms of Intervention


We are international financial jurists and NOT attorneys-at-law. We do not deal with disputes. We deal exclusively extra-judicial cases, these that allow you to realize your projects and achieve your goals. It also means that we are concerned with business which does not involve legal representation in front of courts of law.

We are NOT attorneys-at-law, but we operate with dignity, consciousness, independence, integrity and humanity. We adhere to all the requirements of care and diligence.

Our General Terms of Intervention also apply when we render our services pro bono.


We are NOT attorneys-at-law and are therefore may not represent you in court. In addition, certain actions may require the intervention of a bar lawyer or barrister and therefore additional cost to you.

We are NOT attorneys-at-law and as such are not specialized in litigation. We are not familiar with the customs and practices of judges. Our understanding in this area is therefore not that of a bar lawyer or barrister.

We are NOT attorneys-at-law and are therefore not subject to professional secrecy protection law. This does not mean that secrecy is excluded from our relationship, quite the contrary. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and confidentiality of the information you entrust to us. We can translate our commitments regarding confidentiality into a specific agreement if you wish.

We are NOT attorneys-at-law and are therefore not subject to the code of professional ethics that applies to attorneys-at-law. We conduct our business with professionalism, reliability and total discretion. Our success is to help you achieve your projects. Honor, loyalty, selflessness, delicacy, moderation and civility are among our special values.

We are NOT attorneys-at-law and therefore the restrictions of activity arising from this status do not bind us. We can thus perform all brokerage transactions.

We are NOT attorneys-at-law and are therefore not subject to the tariff rates of the Order. This freedom allows us to take into account the service requested and your personal situation. Our goal is to provide you with a result and not earn fees


Not being an attorney-at-law carries several implications.

We are not here to cure but to prevent: we support you throughout your project. Ending with a dispute and litigation is already a failure for us

Not wasting our energy on conflicts allows us to focus entirely on our business and mobilize our expertise to the success of your project..

Our expertise is not limited to the legal field. Because the law is not enough for a successful project, we have developed different areas of excellence, always with the idea to help you in your projects.

We are advocates of conciliation and mediation, ie we believe in the power of dialogue to find a solution to a crisis without having to go through the painful and expensive step that of a legal dispute.We therefore favor the alternative method of dispute resolution- without completely excluding the risk of legal disputes


We offer our services throughout the life of your company

Our contracts are written in a universal way so that they are equally relevant to the national and international level

We help you raise funds for your business and prepare and follow your public or private offering memoranda within the rules of the art. We help you preserve your capital and advise you on investments that seem most appropriate in view of your situation

We manage the paperwork related to your project

We are specialized in mergers and acquisitions of companies

We can manage your company on your behalf

We protect your intangible heritage and help you protect it. Thus, we manage your intellectual property rights and will take care of your claims filing or registrations of patent, trademark, copyright and neighbouring rights.


Generally, we calculate our rates in accordance with the billing rates for lawyers, assistants and paralegals who do the work. In some cases it may be appropriate to consider external factors such as the complexity of the work, the intensity of our involvement, the renunciation of other opportunities to meet your requirements and the nature of the results we have achieved. We base billing rates for staff based on their experience, training level of professionalism. Currently, our hourly rates for lawyers are between CHF 250 -. and CHF 400 -. Our hourly rates for assistants and paralegals are between CHF 120.-. and CHF 180.-. We update our rates annually with new rate becoming applicable from January 1st of each year


Package deals are available on request. Any act not included in the package is subject to the hourly rate.


With the exception of model contracts, ownership of the documents prepared and submitted by Greenberg, Hornblower, Deschenaux & Partners remains the property of DESCHENAUX & ASSOCIATES


The place of jurisdiction is Geneva, Switzerland


The applicable law is Swiss law