Ajroudi weighs 30 billion euros according to his lawyer

Boudjellal Ajroudi

Marc Deschenaux, one of the Swiss lawyers of Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, confided in the Team on the financial capacities of the businessman who wishes to buy OM and to listen to him, they are unlimited.

By quoting Bernard Tapie without his consent, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi made a big communication error. Marseille supporters found the string a little too big and above all disrespectful at a time when the “boss” has been fighting a double cancer for months. Tapie also quickly informed Le Figaro that he was not “neither concerned nor interested” by this OM buyout plan. A fatal disavowal for Ajroudi?

“He was initially badly advised by people who thought they knew everything about football”

Marc Deschenaux, the Swiss lawyer who sent to the French editors, on the night of Thursday to Friday, this famous press release to defend his client Ajroudi and repeat his intention to buy OM has in any case recognized in L’Equipe du jour that the Franco-Tunisian businessman had made mistakes in recent weeks. “Mr. Ajroudi has been my client for ten years. He was initially badly advised by people who thought they knew everything about football. He had to turn to his old team.”, he blurted out. A tackle sent to Mourad Boudjellal? “It was you who said it”, retorted Deschenaux, enigmatic.

The latter also took advantage of the phone call from L’Equipe to insist on the seriousness of his client Ajroudi, even mentioning for the first time the financial capacities of the native of Gabès, whom Boudjellal had already recently qualified as a billionaire. “What I can assure you is that my client is very solid and that his financial resources are unlimited. It is more than 30 billion euros”, assured Deschenaux. Enough to restore Ajroudi’s image and convince McCourt to sit down at the negotiating table? Or umpteenth clumsy statement that will give grain to grind to those who think that Ajroudi is just a talkative?

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