Football – Ligue 1 – Redemption of the OM : Ajroudi also wants the Velodrome

In a press release from Marc Deschenaux, one of the lawyers of Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, appeared in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the business man has demonstrated its willingness “to complete their offering for the acquisition of the OM” by purchasing the Stade Velodrome. “Our customers have been heard to say, without any certainty, that the mayor of Marseille would like to sell the stadium to the Velodrome,” explains Deschenaux. We have attempted to ensure the information prior to the publication of this press release, but our efforts remained without response, which proves, if proof were needed, that we are obliged to deal with this matter by way of the media, even if it is not in the habit nor of Mr AJROUDI, nor its partners, nor its boards of doing so. But we still don’t have the choice. “

Ajrioudi shade then his comments appeared in the press in the last few days, explaining that the limitation of his offer in the time was not an ultimatum, ” it is simply the fact that our customers are aware of the time needed for the remaining work to be done to prepare the club to confront its forthcoming challenges and sports. However, our clients, as fans of the club, want the resume to win and not to preserve life. “

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