Football – Ligue 1 – Redemption of the OM: “to Bring an offer directly to McCourt,” explains Ajroudi’s Lawyer

Football – Ligue 1 – Redemption

Interviewed by Football Mercato after his release for the sale of the OM and the negotiations with Mohamed Ajroudi, received in the night from Thursday to Friday by all the editorial staff of France, Marc Deschenaux, a lawyer, and through Ajroudi has clarified its role and the purpose of this press release.

On the multiple statements of the business man of tunisia and his team in the media and all the inconsistencies that have been raised and other clashes, Deschenaux says : “This is primarily because the people give, in my opinion, to the media a credibility that they do not have (…) I decided at that time to make this release to give the church in the middle of the village. Mr Ajroudi, to try to understand what we are talking about, this is the top institutional investors in the Middle East. “The lawyer reiterated the willingness of Ajroudi to buy the OM and accuses the passage Jacques-Henri Eyraud, chairman of the club, spreading “fake news” : “My role is to go and take an offer directly, without passing through all those intermediate that there may be in France, to Mr. McCourt. We have had several contacts with the organization of Mr. McCourt, contrary to what has been told in the media.” The OM from his side, after several times recalled that the club was not for sale, decided a few days ago to continue Ajroudi and Mourad Boudjelal, engaged in the project also.

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