OM : Bernard Tapie in the Ajroudi proposal? The ex-president is “not interested”

OM : Bernard Tapie in the draft Ajroudi ? The ex-president is “not interested”

It was thought the order paper of the possible sale of the OM ended after the official refusal to start any negotiation of the lawyer for Frank McCourt on Thursday. It has restarted in the night of Thursday to Friday by a long press Greenberg Hornblower Deschenaux & Partners, a swiss firm of lawyers, financial which claims to represent the interests of the candidate for the takeover of the club marseille, the businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi. Contacted, the former president of the Rugby club toulonnais Mourad Boudjellal – involved in this project of redemption confirms the authenticity of the text, also attributed to Ajroudi by one of his lawyers. Another source of the clan Ajroudi was not able to confirm the authenticity.

The communiqué, posted on the account Facebook of helvetic society, reaffirms the willingness of the Franco-Tunisian “to acquire the Olympic of Marseille” and scratched yet the current management of the club. And at the end of a paragraph, announcing the will of Ajroudi to return to the club Bernard Tapie.

“Our client, Mr Ajroudi believes that no one knows better the club that Mr Bernard Tapie, which is why he would like his presence in the committee of the Club, for as much as he wants and that the ICFC-UEFA (editor’s NOTE : the instance of the club financial control) allows it,” explains GHD & P.

“Mr Ajroudi wishes to have mr. Tapie as president or honorary president of the OM. They had an appointment, ” explains the Parisian Marc Deschenaux, a lawyer and founder of the company, without being able to confirm if the Franco-Tunisian had this opportunity offered a job.

Contacted, the former president of the OM (1986-1994) says that he does not have recently met the candidate for the takeover of the club. “Even if she was made of, I am not interested in any way by this proposal. I am miles away from it, ” explains Bernard Tapie, reached a double cancer of the esophagus and the stomach. I don’t have an opinion on the fact that he can think of me, but the OM is now for me a phenomenon emotional that I would not like to spoil it for anything in the world. If mr Ajroudi had asked me my opinion, I would have told you to stay away from the club in his interest as that of the OM. With qualification for the champions League, this will be the moment of truth for the project of Frank McCourt.

A new attack against Jacques-Henri Eyraud

A draft of the new scratched in the press release that denounces “the loss of the deep” OM, whose deficit was estimated at 127 million euros in June. “He (Ajroudi) has the intention to compensate Mr. McCourt, to roll up his sleeves and bring in a new management team, a dynamic found in order to achieve the objectives that all are waiting for, namely to get back among the best clubs of Europe,” says the text.

But the man primarily referred to in the press release is not the american owner of the club, but the president of the OM, “for fear of losing his job,” Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

Newsletter – The bulk of the actu

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“As to the summons delirious filed by Mr. Eyraud (editor’s NOTE : the OM announced on Tuesday that you have assigned to justice Ajroudi and Boudjellal to counter a campaign of destabilization) to defend his position and drawn up by a lawyer who is less known for his or her professional title that for those of comic book author and novelist, our client is having a lot of fun,” says the text.

“As for the half-million that Mr. Eyraud claims as to damages, we are willing to pay for it without a trial “in the exchange of” a meeting of a day-long face-to-face, with Mr. McCourt in person. Thus, we will avoid wasting time with his entourage, which itself communicates a perception very distorted the reality, for fear of losing the goose that lays the golden eggs”.

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