OM: the Ajroudi clan precise and tackle Eyraud!

Candidate for the acquisition of Olympique de Marseille, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi announced on Wednesday that he has just submitted his “last offer” to the club owner, Frank McCourt, who has 10 working days to respond (see the 14:36 ​​news). While the Franco-Tunisian businessman has not communicated the exact amount of his proposal, his lawyer Marc Deschenaux has provided some details on this subject.

“If the amount is not in the press release, it is also because the offer is a formula. There are things that can vary in a company. There is no precise figure, because we do not know all the details of the debt. (…) It is a formula, it does not come with a figure that will thrill the crowds “, explained the lawyer in the program L’Equipe du Soir.

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