Sale of OM: Ajroudi also wants to buy the Velodrome stadium – Ligue 1

In a press release released on Saturday evening, the Franco-Tunisian businessman says he wants to extend his OM takeover offer with the acquisition of the Velodrome stadium.

The long press release fell just before midnight on Saturday evening in the journalists’ mailboxes. It is signed Marc Deschenaux, one of the jurists of the clan of Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, carrying an offer to buy back OM. In this long text, the Franco-Tunisian businessman reaffirms his desire to acquire the Marseille club but now indicates that he also wishes to buy the Velodrome stadium.

Three days after having sent a “last firm offer” to Frank McCourt valid for the “next ten working days”, the group of investors shoots a new card to try to convince the American shareholder to sell. “Mr. Ajroudi and its partners are officially showing their interest in this acquisition because they wish to offer Olympique de Marseille the ownership of its forever home, ”the statement said.

The potential buyers have also contacted the new municipality of Marseille led by Michele Rubirola (left coalition), which would not be opposed to the sale of the enclosure but the proposal did not resonate with the public. elected. “If OM is a buyer, let’s sell the stadium to them,” said the first Benoît Payan during a city council a few days ago. “Our customers have heard, without any certainty, that the Marseille town hall would like to sell the Velodrome stadium. We have tried to ensure that we are informed before publication of this press release, but our efforts have remained unanswered, which proves, if it were necessary, that we are obliged to deal with this matter through the media. […] », Details the mail.


The Ajroudi clan specifies that this new press release is not intended to put pressure on the current management of the club and does not enter into a campaign of destabilization. ‘Nothing’ is more false! Because our customers are among the club’s most passionate supporters ”, assure the buyers’ representatives. “We reiterate that there is no disinformation campaign, but that if this were the case, it should not be enough to destabilize a historic club without calling into question the solidity of its structure and its management »Concludes the press release.

OM, which had announced to prosecute Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and his partner Mourad Boudjellal, accused of having carried out “a media campaign to destabilize the club” based on “deceptions and lies” had not reacted to this umpteenth announcement on Sunday morning.

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