Tapie not interested in Ajroudi’s offer

Ajroudi rolls out the carpet.

Through a press release issued by a Swiss firm of financial lawyers working for him, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi indicated that he would like to see Bernard Tapie join the management team of Olympique de Marseille if his plan to redemption takes place. “Mr. Ajroudi wishes to have Mr. Tapie as president or honorary president of OM” , confirms to Parisian Marc Deschenaux, founder of the cabinet in question. Problem: the emblematic ex-president of OM retorts, this Saturday in the Paris daily, not to have recently met the Franco-Tunisian businessman.

Boudjellal qualifies the OM legal action as “cat pee”

“Even if it was made to me, I am not in any way interested in this proposal, assures Bernard Tapie, who suffers from cancer of the esophagus and stomach. I’m miles away from this. I do not believe that he can think of me, but OM is today for me an emotional phenomenon that I would not like to spoil for the world. “ The former politician even advises Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi not to buy OM: ” If Mr. Ajroudi had asked me for my opinion, because I never spoke about OM with him, I would have told him to stay away from the club in his interest as well as that of Marseille. This is not the right timing to buy OM. With the qualification in the Champions League that I describe as deserved, but happy, it will be the moment of truth for Frank McCourt’s project. We will see if his OM manages to confirm this season. »

No bargaining possible, with Tapie.

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